Diversity, Equity & Inclusion


Diversity, equity and inclusion are integral values at OPB. Supporting a diverse, equitable and inclusive workplace makes us a stronger, more agile and successful organization.

In 2022, we conducted a Respectful Workplace survey to further explore some aspects of our 2021 comprehensive employee engagement survey and to help us better understand our employees’ experiences. In addition to providing insight into DEI at OPB, the survey also supported our efforts in developing and implementing our new hybrid work guidelines.

Through the Respectful Workplace survey, we gathered in-depth feedback from staff about their experiences working at OPB, particularly in terms of connection and collaboration. We had a very strong participation rate at over 91%, and overall, the feedback showed that OPB has a strongly engaged and respectful workplace with a shared belief in the importance of learning together.”

Jasmine Kanga
Jasmine Kanga, Vice-President, Human Resources & Corporate Services

Throughout the year, the HR team supported the Board with quarterly reports on our activities, along with education and information on DEI. We took steps to reinforce our active commitment to DEI.

2022 Highlights

Launched a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Advisory Council to ensure the encouragement and inclusion of diverse voices throughout OPB. The Council will provide advice and recommendations as we establish our DEI framework and priorities.
Based on insights from the Respectful Workplace survey, we developed etiquette guidelines to encourage inclusive, respectful online interactions and provided employee training on respectful interactions and responding to microaggressions.
Shared information, resources and learning opportunities to build awareness and understanding of dates of significance such as Black History Month, National Day for Truth and Reconciliation, and International Day of Persons with Disabilities.

We look forward to sharing additional updates about DEI on our website, OPB.ca.