Delivering Strong Results During Challenging Times

Plan Performance

Rate of Return*
*Return is net of all Plan administration and investment management expenses.
Funded Status
at year-end compared to 90% in 2020

Helping Clients

Modernized Portal – In 2021, we redesigned our online member portal, e-services. Read more about how we enhanced security, modernized our planning tools and improved accessibility.

Client service satisfaction

Enhancing Financial Literacy – Created in partnership with pension plan peers across Canada to raise understanding and awareness around the value of defined benefit pensions and the importance of informed decision making.

Making Progress

IMCO became a signatory of the Paris Aligned Investment Initiative in November 2021, committing to achieve net-zero portfolio greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 or sooner.
OPB partnered with expert groups, like The 519 organization, to foster inclusivity and deliver programs and training on issues like unconscious bias and gender and sexuality.

Welcome from Our Chair and CEO

Geri Markvoort
Mark Fuller

Delivering Strong Results

2021 was a challenging year for the world. The hardships created by the ongoing pandemic, the impact of inflation and global supply chain disruptions all contributed to market volatility and uncertainty about the future. Against this background, OPB, its leadership and its employees continued to deliver strong results in service, innovation and investment performance. Our Plan is solidly funded, our investment strategies support our Plan’s long-term sustainability, and our two redesigned online portals, launched in 2021, provide members and employers with enhanced service. We remain able to deal with today’s challenges and, more importantly, to realize tomorrow’s opportunities.

Geri Markvoort
Board Chair
Mark Fuller
President & CEO

Along with our Chief Investment Officer and Chief Pension Officer, members of our leadership team share observations about the State of the Plan in 2021.

Insights from Our Leadership Team
State of The Plan