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Securing the Sustainability of the PSPP

OPB is always working to protect the sustainability of the PSPP. By sustainability, we mean ensuring that the Plan will be able to meet its long-term financial obligations. It also means making sure the Plan continues to be affordable for sponsors and employers and that we provide services that evolve to meet the changing needs of our members. In 2021, working with our actuaries, OPB completed a funding risk study that helped us identify the challenges and risks facing the Plan – including economic and investment risks, as well as demographic risks – as members continue to live and collect pensions for longer periods. Guided by the funding study, we decided to file the 2021 funding valuation with our regulator. We are not obligated to file another valuation for three years. During this interval, there is time for pandemic-related volatility to subside and, potentially, for the funded status of the Plan to improve further. Making sure that the Plan will always be there when members need it is the cornerstone of our strategies and actions.

Moving Forward with Pension Modernization

OPB’s pension modernization program is a multi-year initiative driven by our commitment to maximize the efficiency of our operations and to ensure that we have systems and services in place that create value for all of the Plan’s stakeholders. The new member and employer portals we launched this year embody this commitment. Pension modernization is reflected in the steps and strategies OPB is putting in place to ensure that our Plan can – and will – meet the needs of tomorrow and beyond.

We speak about pension modernization as a business process and technology transformation. But more than that, it’s a way to add value to the services we provide clients. In 2021, we had to upgrade the technology supporting our portals platform. Not only did we bring those systems up to date, but we also ensured our new approach was better able to meet the growing needs of our clients.”

Peter Shena
Peter Shena, Chief Pension Officer