A Stronger Sense of Belonging

Diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) are core values for OPB, and foundational to our vision and mission.

In our 2021 employee engagement survey, we included a voluntary section focused on employee experiences related to DEI. Improving our understanding of who we are and how employees with different backgrounds and identities experience our workplace is critical to helping us develop a plan for advancing DEI that reflects our mission and vision, and is meaningful to our employees and OPB as an organization.”

Jasmine Kanga
Jasmine Kanga, Vice-President, Human Resources & Corporate Services

As we continue to advance DEI at OPB, we must also take a thoughtful and measured approach to ensure our evolving approach resonates with staff.

We worked with external experts, such as the Canadian Centre for Diversity and Inclusion and The 519, to deliver programs and training on unconscious bias and gender and sexuality. As part of this learning, we shared information about the importance of asking for, and using, the pronouns with which someone identifies. In a simple but powerful change, we supported all employees in using preferred pronouns as part of their email signature, which in turn invites our clients to feel comfortable using theirs when asking for service from our staff.

Over the course of the year, the HR team provided the Board with quarterly reports on our activities, as well broader education and information on DEI issues.

DEI Highlights

Included diversity considerations in our efforts to recruit and retain top talent
Provided DEI updates and education to the Board

Our investment manager, IMCO, endorses the RIA’s Canadian Investor Statement on Diversity & Inclusion, which commits institutional investors to address systemic racism and inequities in the investment industry. IMCO also recognizes that, with respect to an organization’s culture and strategy, diversity and inclusion (D&I) can contribute to better idea generation and outcomes. IMCO is committed to ensuring its investment decisions include D&I and encourage best D&I practices among its managers and investee companies.